Jamie’s journey is a classic but all too rare Hollywood story of talent, skill and hard work leading to world class accomplishment.  His travels began on the set, where he learned his craft hands on, and has taken him around the world and to the top of his profession

Jamie started on the camera crew and worked his way up to operator and Director of Photography.  His credits include over fifty studio features, including Anna and the King, Inspector Gadget, Titanic and Master and Commander. He was worked with a constellation of  leading directors, including  Peter Weir, William Friedkin, James Cameron, Tony Scott, Forrest Whitaker, Doug Liman, Ivan Rietman, Richard Donner and Stephen Kay and with stars Sandra Bullock, Paul Newman, Jeff Bridges, Russel Crowe, Leonardo Di Caprio, Ben Affleck, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robin Wright, Jodie Foster, Nicole Kidman, Peter Gallagher and Piper Perabo

Jamie’s work as Director of Photography has kept him in demand in the television industry, too. You’ve seen his work on over seventy five network and cable pilots and episodes and long-form movies.

Jamie’s work on the pilot and 32 episodes of Covert Affairs, took him around the world, often to locations where no crew had ever before worked. Doing the impossible was often a day’s work.

Covert Affairs’s producers knew talent and value and placed Jamie in the director’s chair. The work speaks for itself.  He applies a lifetime of learning and experience to running an efficient and productive set where story is paramount. No matter the challenge, Jamie delivers.

Jamie is based in Los Angles where is he is the doting father of two daughters